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Fore: Golfgate Widens from Bronx to Brooklyn

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Nothing like a Monday morning golf-related scandal. As if Friday's revelation that the city has spent $6 million to build a Bronx golf course on a waste dump that hasn't been built weren't enough, today the scandal expands to Brooklyn. The Daily News is reporting that a simmering issue over a city course in Marine Park is coming to a boil. An operator with "alleged" (ie, "reputed") mob ties that had a $10 million contract to run the place is finally getting the boot after the story broke at the beginning of the year. The Marine Park Golf Course has nothing on the $84 million Ferry Point Garbage Dump with Golf, though. That one, in the East Bronx, has been under construction for seven years without producing grass, trees, links or anything but a lot of methane gas from rotting garbage. There's really nothing that one can add to that.
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