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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Case Closed fo Hargitay, Another Apthorp Defection, More

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1) The old "let's go with a high asking price because I'm a celebrity" trick didn't quite work out for Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay. After heading to the chopper on her Beach Street duplex in Tribeca (right), the place has finally sold. It went for $5.1 million, after being listed in February for about $6.5 million. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) Now that she's settled, Maggie Gyllenhaal reflects on life in the Slope: "We’re crazy about Park Slope. But we’re new to the neighborhood, so we’re still figuring everything out.” She's also been hanging in Fort Greene a lot. [Brooklyn Paper]

3) And in unhappy Brooklyn celebrity couple news, Michelle Williams might ditch the Brownstone To End All Brownstones because it's too big for just her and the baby. Heath Ledger has relocated to Soho, like every celebrity who gives Brooklyn a shot eventually does. [Page Six]

4) 60 Minutes journalist Steve Kroft is the latest celeb to flee the screwed-up situation at the Apthorp. He's packed his family up and moved them to a six-room co-op on West 79th Street that he paid $2.7 million for. [Keil]

5) Josh Barbanel is not afraid to let his Jersey emo flag fly. For proof, there's this weeks Big Deal column, which Barbanel dedicates to a one-bedroom loft purchase at 111 Fourth Avenue by Gabe Saporta, ex-Midtown and current Cobra Starship frontman. He even tosses in multiple Cobra Starship quotes, just for good measure. If you're working in the Times building, Barbanel is the one with the smeared eyeliner and tattoo sleeves. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

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