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It Happened One Weekend: Flatiron Flop, Graceful FiDi Toilets, More

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1) To those of you who had architect Stanford White's 100-year-old sex palace at 22 West 24th Street in the building collapse betting pool, well, we owe you five bucks. ['Building in Flatiron Collapses, Causing a Mess but No Injuries'/Timothy Williams]

2) Just how much do rent-stabilized tenants affect the sales prices of multi-family townhouses? A lot! But are the low prices worth dealing with the headaches involved with landlording some stabies? In many cases, yes. ['When the Price Includes Tenants'/Hope Reeves]

3) 45 John in the "Upper Financial District" has toilets that close "gracefully," and the Parkwood in "Madison Square North" is "civilized" and "unruffling." [Window Shopping/Suzanne Slesin]

4) We've heard it a million times before: Young married couple swears never to leave Manhattan, then they have a kid and realize that Brooklyn is calling to them like a half-naked siren. But instead of going the traditional brownstone Brooklyn route, they flirt with the BridgeView building before eventually landing in Greenwood Heights. Interesting. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

22 West 24th Street

22 West 24th Street, New York, NY