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Williamsburg's Definition of Gentrification: Edible?

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Look up Williamsburg on Wikipedia?which we recommend you do, at least 20 times per day?and you'll find a picture nearly identical to the one above, with a caption that simply reads, "A gentrified street in Williamsburg." Ah, the Graham Avenue Fish Tank building, how you are adored! If it were up to us, the building would sit empty forever, a monument to the heady days of Williamsburg development in the early 21st Century. But, of course, it can't stay empty. An email just into the inbox:

There is a new glass building on Graham Avenue between Conselyea and Skillman Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its really ugly and doesn't go with the rest of the neighborhood (which is also ugly, too, but in a different way). I think it was originally built to be expensive apartments for purchase, then there was a sign on the building advertising apartments for rent. Last week, there was a realtor sign advertising the building as a commercial space. Today I walked by and noticed a new sign on the building saying that it was going to be made into a new restaurant. Do you know anything about this building or is anyone going to investigate it? I'm just curious because I live in the neighborhood.Has the definition of Williamsburg gentrification gone nondo, and to restaurant status? Shocking.
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