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CurbedWire: Soho Development Afoot, 'Tartan Grid' Almost Topped, Slope's Fifth Ave. Gets an Argyle

SOHO?There is another development afoot on the westernmost frontier of Soho, as a tipster sends a photo and an email that says "We learned that a site was being assembled with three small apartment buildings, a parking lot and Sleepy's on Sixth Avenue at Vandam St. It seems the process is moving ahead as a shelter is being assembled in front of the Sixth Ave buildings this morning. I recall the plan was to construct a large residential building." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?Also in Soho, but a bit to the east, Charles Gwathmey's "Tartan grid," also known as Soho Mews, is coming along nicely. It's across West Broadway from the Soho Grand and, per the email that accompanied the photo, "Looks almost topped-off." That's significant construction progress, given that the building was a "dirt pit" as recently as May. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PARK SLOPE?Fifth Avenue is getting its first condo development sales office. A tipster writes to say that the space that once housed Something Else Records and Puppets Jazz Bar in the Slope "will soon be home to the Corcoran sales office for The Argyle on 4th Ave (and 7th St). They put the sign up in the window this morning." [CurbedWire Inbox]