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On the Market: 'The Unloftiest Loft Ever'

That's broker-blogger Sandy Mattingly's assessment of a 2BR unit at 28 West 38th Street, which is having its first showings today. Why such strong words for this $2.375 million loft between Fifth and Sixth Avenues? Simply put: it's just too Versailles for his clasic standards. Design touches include four different types of marble floors, three different metals used in various ceilings, and, um, silk walls. Says the Manhattan Loft Guy: "I have never seen anything like #7E at 28 West 38 Street before."

· Listing: 28 West 38th Street [Halstead]
· the unloftiest loft ever [Manhattan Loft Guy]

28 West 38th Street

28 West 38th Street, New York, NY