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Curbed Contest: When Will Pomeranc's Gild Open?

Against all logic and reason, Jason Pomeranc's epically-delayed luxury boutique hotel in Columbus Circle somehow managed to open this week. So, with his Thompson Lower East Side and Smyth hotels still many moons away from doing the same, it's only natural for the hotelier to look toward the next Thompson brand extension. And look, he has.

Yesterday, Down By The Hipster reported that Pomeranc has taken over an old Financial District Holiday Inn at 15 Gold Street and is giving it a luxury makeover, renaming the spot Gild Hall. And here's the audacious part: Pomeranc's website says Gild Hall will have a "soft opening" in "December 2007."

Look, this thing is not opening in December 2007. Sure, it's merely a conversion job and not a whole new building like Thompson LES, but don't forget that 6 Columbus was also a conversion, and the delays lasted over two years. But when will it open? Think you have a good idea? Then tell us!

Announcing Curbed's Guessing Gild Contest, where all you have to do is email with "Gild Guess" as the subject, and tell us what specific day and year Gild Hall will take in its first guests. If you are correct, and if this website/the Internet/Planet Earth are still around when Gild Hall finally opens, we will buy you a bottle of champagne at the hotel bar (with a $100 maximum, because by then the money will be coming out of our pensions). It's as easy as that. We were going to set an end-of-day deadline for getting your guess in, but since this is a competition of delays and tardiness, we'll allow entries to trickle in until Friday at 5pm EST. One guess per person please, and yes, Jason Pomeranc is allowed to enter. It's not like he really knows when this thing is opening, either.
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