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Bizarro Fortress of Solitude Averted in Gramercy?

On its website, developer Kaish & Taub provides this introduction for an upcoming condo building on 22nd Street and Third Avenue: "Gramercy Park has been the secret enclave for professional couples and singles that gravitate to the look and feel of a turn of the century brownstone community." What better way, then, to honor that "secret" turn-of-the-century brownstone community by destroying it with a 21-story chunk of kryptonite? Except we're afraid that's not how this Kutnicki Bernstein-designed building will eventually turn out. A rival rendering is floating around Wired New York, and the more fleshed-out plan has to be the final rendering if the world is to continue spinning on its axis. But oh, what could have been at 160 East 22nd Street.

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160 East 22nd Street

160 East 22nd Street, New York, NY