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SchnabelWatch: Chupi's First Buyer is Not Bono

Artist/filmmaker Julian Schnabel's big pink West Village tower was supposed to be the rebirth of the salon?an exclusive enclave of the most talented and creative (and wealthy) minds around. The Bonos of the world, for example. But Max Abelson reports in the Observer today that Schnabel has at last signed up the first of four tenants (not including himself), and that person is: Credit Suisse executive William J. B. Brady. Yep, just another boring moneyman, like every other real estate development in town. Brady paid $15.5 million for Unit 1, despite having paid $6.95 million for a duplex at 744 Greenwich Street just three months before signing the Palazzo Chupi contract. Now, in true finance guy fashion, he's trying to flip the duplex for a whopping $12 million. We find this all very depressing for some reason.
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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014