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Gowanus Canal Has Gonorrhea

There's good news and bad news to report about the Gowanus Canal, along which developers hope to someday develop many luxe condos. The bad news: the canal has gonorrhea. The good news: it no longer has typhoid and "virulent" cholera. A report in Scienceline, which is published by NYU, details a bunch of nightmare problems, including the aforementioned gonorrhea found in a drop of water, a lot of lead in oysters, a possible "colonizing life form" on the bottom, muck loaded with oil and more. (These are the water problems, not the land-based ones.) There are also details about the flushing tunnel shut down which, in layman's terms, is going to cause the canal to smell like crap. The pump will be shut down in the winters of 2008 and 2009. After that, there might be dredging or other clean up. Possibly, some shots of penicillin too.
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