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QueensWest Stumbles Into Becoming Real Neighborhood

Calling it "a car without an engine, a cup of ramen noodles awaiting a splash of hot water," the Times checks in with the QueensWest portion of Long Island City today, and the focus is on the coming Amish Market, which may finally solve the area's grocery store problem if only the Amish Market was a better grocery store. But we digress. A Duane Reade is also opening, so the services may finally be catching up with the residential boom in this carved out high-rise portion of Hunter's Point. Interestingly, not all residents are happy about finally getting life's necessities. Said one old-timer: "Before, everybody was on an island in the middle of nothing. Everybody said, 'Hello,' because we were part of the same experience." So now that QueensWesters aren't locked in a permanent game of Survivor, scrounging for basic sustenance, they aren't as polite. Tragic.
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