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CurbedWire: The One That Got Away, Another FiDi Conversion

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HELL'S KITCHEN?A tipster notes that we missed one rendering for The Dillon, the bit of condo craziness on West 53rd Street. Looks like that stray-chair-in-the-window thing that 40 Bond made popular is really taking off. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Down in the FiDi, a reader observation: "59 John Lofts [Ed.?and by this our tipster of course means Five Nine John Lofts] are getting much closer. You can see into the lobby now and it looks half way decent, but still not decent enough to actually pay someone money to live there." Harsh, because according to the Lower Manhattan website, the office building conversion will not only have residents, but it will be full of non-foreign non-single people who are certainly not just looking for pied-a-terres. See, it's a real neighborhood! Honest! [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Dillon

425 West 53rd Street, New York, NY