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The New Hell's Kitchen: The Dillon Makes Faceted Debut

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It's too early in the game for Development Du Jour status (CityRealty reported last week that construction financing was locked in), but The Dillon must be recognized in this space immediately. Brought to you by Richard Meier OPP developer SDS Procida, this 85-unit Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects creation is set to melt minds all over Hell's Kitchen, where it will sit at 53rd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues (on top of an old Con Ed-owned parking lot). According to CityRealty, "The building will have a faceted facade with protruding windows and many bay windows. It will have 9 triplex townhouses and underground parking and outdoor courtyards. The townhouses will have high scrim-like gates and the top five floors of the seven-story structure will be angled and slightly cantilevered over the bottom two floors." If we had to choose one adjective for the facade, we probably would have gone with "insane" over "faceted."

· 425 West 53rd Street named The Dillon [CityRealty]
· Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects []

The Dillon

425 West 53rd Street, New York, NY