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On the Rental Market: Introducing 'The Lair'

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Late yesterday, a Curbed tipster sent us a link to a classified ad for two rooms for rent in a four-bedroom East Williamsburg/Bushwick apartment. In the short period of time since, it's become our favorite real estate listing of all time. The apartment, called "The Lair," is absolutely spectacular in about a million different ways. Here's just an introductory taste:

Part vandalism, part fantasy, part recklessness, and part wild abandon- 'The Lair' was birthed from the idea, nay, the necessity to seclude ourselves from all the hackneyed, media satutured bullshit, to reside within a den of requited passion for art, life, and the pursuit of all things organicly marvelous. In other words.. The Lair is a sublevel apartment. In plain words.. The Lair is a basement apartment. All those incapable of living in a place with few windows where most of the sitimulation comes from within, please stop reading now because this ad is not for you. I know the coming pictures might razzle and dazzle you, but I repeat if you are not ok with fairly low ceilings and limited natural light, this ad is not for you.

To celebrate our discovery of The Lair, we'll be trotting out photos from the listing at various points of the day. At the end of it all, we'll reveal the link for all those interested in moving in (the rooms are $750 and $665 per month). Now, we know it'll be easy to look up the listing or post the link in the comments and ruin the surprise, but trust us, it'll be more fun the longer this lasts.

Front door and interior shot of the larger of the two rooms for rent, dubbed the "Dr. Suess Space Cadet" room.