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A Good Day for Sunnyside Historic District & Bed-Stuy Rezone

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This is the last time we will take note of the fight over the Sunnyside Historic District, but not the final word on Bed-Stuy rezoning. The City Council voted on both subjects yesterday, finally approving the Sunnyside Landmark District and also approving a rezone for the southern part of Bed-Stuy:

1) Sunnyside Historic District: After months of serious arguing, what is now the biggest landmark district in Queens got the thumbs up. The new district covers a neighborhood that was a planned community in the 1920s. It includes 624 buildings over 16 blocks. The Sunnyside battle spanned four years and created strong opinions on both the pro- and anti-landmarking sides.

2) Bed-Stuy South Rezone: A major rezone of the southern part of Bed-Stuy also got the final okay. It covers 206 blocks, protecting low-rise residential blocks, but allowing taller buildings in corridors along Nostrand and Bedford Avenues, where buildings can be eight stories, and along Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue, where buildings can be up to ten stories tall. The rezone covers the southern portion of Bed-Stuy, bounded by Quincy Street and Saratoga, Atlantic and Classon Avenues. A rezone for the northern part of Bed-Stuy is coming.
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