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Your Morning Affordable Housing Crunch: 8 Ain't Great

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All those hip gentrifiers, with their Bushwick and Bed-Stuy invading ways and their money to spend on rent, are totally screwing everything up for people who have no choice but to live in low-income areas and rely on Section 8 federal rent vouchers. New York has no law on the books stating that landlords can't discriminate against voucher tenants, and now many real estate listings exclude voucher holders from having a crack at the apartment. This is a problem, at least until Governor's Island is converted into a tent city for refugees who can't afford to live in Brownsville's hundreds of Richard Meier-designed, zen-inspired glass towers (which we're predicting will happen by 2016). Anyhoo, a bill has been introduced to prohibit landlords from turning away applicants just because they get government assistance. Landlords groups have countered by saying that the bill would essentially force them into taking voucher tenants. Meanwhile, upscale coffee shop owners wait in the wings, readying the free wi-fi and Balthazar pastries.
· Bias Is Seen as Landlords Bar Vouchers [NYT]