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The Future: Hudson Square Gets Green, High

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[Rendering: LTL Architects]

Our friends at the Envisioning Hudson Square Design Charrette, currently on display at the St. Johns Center at 550-570 Washington Street, have sent us some more mind-altering dreamscapes for the future of Hudson Square. Last time around, we had a look at some aerial views of the 'hood. Now, the five architecture firms involved in the project tackle the problem of Washington Street, which is dominated by the massive UPS complex near Pier 40. What to (hypothetically) do? Why, elevate the block above UPS and green it up, of course! What we would give to just have one of these pretty pictures come true.

[Rendering: Zakrzewski + Hyde Architects, in association with Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners]

[Rendering: SPaN]

[Rendering: FLAnk Architects]

[Rendering: ArquitectonicaGEO; click to expand]
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