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Development Du Jour: No. 22 Renwick

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Location: 22 Renwick Street
Size: 12 stories, 19 units
Prices: $1.34 million to $2.8 million
Architect: Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects
Developer: Orange Management
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: We've already revealed the coming tower for the cozy block between Canal and Spring called Renwick Street in Hudson Square, but the marketing campaign has finally kicked off, and we're digging it. This one's all about class, from the No. 22 Renwick moniker to the website copy, which one Curbed reader compared to Wordsworth. How much is class?and the Philip Johnson brand?worth nowadays? A strikingly unaggressive $1,300/sf. Must be the proximity to the Holland Tunnel hellmouth that's keeping this out of the $1,500+ realm. We're digging it, especially the double-terrace penthouse action.

No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY