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Noho HotelWatch: Bond Off for Now, Crunch Crunched?

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When we read these comments from Benjamin Soleimani, who wants to develop a boutique hotel on Bond Street, all we could think about was that scene in Anchorman when Brian Fantana leans over and says, "Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while?" In fact, it appears that's precisely what Soleimani is now doing. A Curbed tipster informs us that the attorney for 8-12 Bond Street has said the Bond boys are not proceeding with the current application for the Bond Noho Hotel, and will instead reapply after changes to the project and design, perhaps in January.

And in other Noho news, you of course recall the plan to turn the Crunch Gym building at 408 Lafayette (right) into a 190-room hotel. Well, a tipster who has been monitoring the situation tells us that Landmarks met last week and the hotel was on the docket, but records show "closed?no action" for both the rooftop addition proposal and the 74-711 application, which allows zoning variances for landmarked buildings. So, a delayed vote, or is it back to the drawing board with this one, too?
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[408 Lafayette photo via PropertyShark]