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As the Sheffield Turns: Marching Band Just Wanted a Nosh

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In this week's Observer, developer Kent Swig sits down and reflects on one of the most legendary moments in Curbed history: when he sent in a marching band to drown out a protest at his controversial conversion of the Sheffield on West 57th Street. His explanation is priceless, so without further ado:

What about the marching band?

The marching band was there at our invitation. And the invitation was we were going to be doing a big feast or something for kids and it was coinciding with the time that some of the elected officials decided that they would have a demonstration about asbestos. So, I did not cancel it because I was very irritated at the fact that the elected officials incorrectly—and, in my opinion, knowingly incorrectly—were out there demonstrating that we had asbestos in the building.There you have it, folks. The marching band was always going to be there that day, because Kent Swig was having a big feast for kids, or something.
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