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Ask Curbed: I Want to Boot My Touchy-Feely Roommate

Roommate nightmare stories are nothing new, but when a relationship goes so sour so quickly, we often wonder why. Not in this case. We pretty much know why:

I have lived with a roommate for three months now. The lease is in my name, and the roommate and I have nothing but a verbal agreement. I informed the landlord that someone was moving in and he had no problem with it. The new roommate paid first months rent and a deposit when he moved in. It has not worked out for a multitude of reasons, but the main reasons are last month his check bounced and last week I caught him playing with himself on the couch. So I gave him thirty days notice to move out. Now he says that (a) I need to use his security deposit for rent, leaving me no protection when he moves out, (b) he is "trying" to find a place but can't guarantee me he will be out by the end of the month, and (c) its "tough" for me because there is nothing I can do about it. What should I do? I want him out now! I was being civil and giving him notice, but then he pulls the whole "use deposit for last month's rent" card. Now I am upset. What if he doesn't move? What can I do? In my mind he is now living in the apartment rent free, and that is not OK! Thanks,
grossed-out in greenpoint

A phone call to this young man's mother might settle a few things! Barring that, who's got some advice for G-O in G? Let's have your take in the comments.
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