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Spawn of MeatBoard Rise in MePa

Hey, remember the Hotel Gansevoort's twin billboards that were pissing everyone off, including Meatpacking District BMOC Keith McNally? They're still up there, generating piles of cash for the Gansevoort gang and tweaking activists like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman, who now has his sights set on other MePa signage, the Metro reports. The latest target is Ports 1961, a Canadian clothier opening a flagship store at 1 Ninth Avenue (Racked has all the info on that). Ports has a vinyl sign covering its façade, and that's a big no-no. It will come down "pretty quickly," following complaints. Issues of legality aside, our stance on this issue remains the same: The Meatpacking District is a morally bankrupt pit of despair that should be avoided at all times for reasons far larger than the occasional commercial advertisement. The end.
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