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All's Cool, The Onyx is Back on Track

We wanted to follow up on the unbelievable reports of strong sales at The Onyx on West 28th at Eighth Avenue, so we ambled over to see if things are actually moving again at that long-stalled construction site. We spied cartons of Sub- Zeros on the upper floors of this cubic condo development, all awaiting installation. Unless those boxes are empty we'll take this as a sign that happy days really are here again.

We also saw that lots of metal is being bolted to what had become one sorry looking facade. Big slabs of bronze-y looking stuff is going on, all lined up with strings and things. That metal is a big contrast to the white stucco they've slathered over the sides and across the top of this stack of boxes. If you squint really hard the building really does look something like the rendering. Just darker and not as shiny. But wait: there's not a chunk of stone in sight. So, what any of this has to do with something called onyx remains a mystery. There was big guy out front, wreaking of tobacco and litigation. We approached and asked him why construction had stalled for so long. He gave us a hard stare and growled, "That's really none of your business." Touchy. If he's happy with progress at The Onyx, he's definitely keeping it to himself.

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