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CurbedWire: St. Vincent's Tries Making Friends, Digging Holes in Harlem, Moody's Building Coming Down?

[Photo via Newell the Jewell/flickr]

WEST VILLAGE?There's a distinct possibility that the "Friends of the New St. Vincent's, as reported in the new Villager, isn't making friends with everybody. In fact, the story about former Mayor Koch calling around to build support for the hospital's expansion plan has rubbed some the wrong way. For instance, this email, which says: "So much for their pledge to 'involve the community every step of the way,' not to mention their claim that 'we are only in the early stages.' They have been privately showing the design around to build support from key people and are running a rather aggressive mail campaign, all before even showing the public what they’re thinking." So hard to make friends sometimes. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?The ground is moving behind Harlem's Loft 124. A tipster writes, "I woke up this morning to bulldozers breaking up the earth in the giant empty lot across the street from my place at 123rd Street between Lenox and 7th. Rumor on the block is that another giant condo project is going up there but there is no info - no visible permits." [CurbedWire Inbox]

FiDi?Is demolition coming to the old Moody's Building on Church and Barclay Streets, whose tenant has space in 7WTC? An email says, "I noticed earlier this week that they’ve started boarding up windows on the upper floors. Maybe they’re getting close to tearing it down." [CurbedWire Inbox]