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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: I Want to Boot My Touch-Feely Roommate (288 Comments)
"In the future you should get your roommate to sign a roommate agreement. You can pull them off the internet but can include ground rules to the apt, no dirty dishes in the sink, number of overnight guest in the apartment, paying rent on time, etc." (Warning: this thread is not for the feint of heart.)
2) QueensWest Stumbles Into Becoming Real Neighborhood (103 Comments)
"Is LIC finally showing its potential as a decent place to live without having to deal with too many stripclubs, street trash, and the ever-hanging reputation as a 'up-and-coming-nabe" that never actually gets there?"
3) Bubblemania Returns to Long Island City (100 Comments)
"Just because people are lining up to see them doesn't translate as sales. These may be other agents or just people trying to get a better handle on the market."
4) Luxury Letter Indicates September Sales Debacle (67 Comments)
"Anyone who views the September numbers as indicative of a slowdown in NYC real estate is mistaken. It is simply a brief retreat in the immediate aftermath of the 'credit crisis' coupled with a holiday filled month, on the heels of an unusually robust August."