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Last Remaining Bit of Life Squeezed from Williamsburg

Friends, in case you didn't realize it, today is the day when Williamsburg finally crushes your soul. First up was the unveiling of 125 North 10th Street, which represents nearly zero effort from everyone involved in the project. Now, a reader sends along this photo of 7 Berry Street, quite possibly architect Karl Fischer's worst addition to the 'Burg yet. Since we last checked in, the marketing campaign has begun, and in the most heavy-handed and silly branding attempt since Andre Balazs decided to turn a building at the corner of William and Beaver Streets into a cartoon character, 7 Berry has been dubbed Sevenberry, and the logo is?yes?seven berries. Hey, they took the bait!

From The Developers Group website:

Awaken your senses to Sevenberry, a building with all the right ingredients for tasteful living. Whether you need a one, two or three bedroom apartment, Sevenberry mixes modern living with natural settings to deliver the lifestyle you crave. SevenBerry has a flavor all its own – floor-to-ceiling windows, roof decks, terraces, outdoor space and a sleek design that will make this building a modern North Williamsburg landmark. And right outside your door, this dynamic neighborhood is yours to savor - tree-lined streets, gourmet markets, exceptional restaurants and a wide array of cultural activities.We think there might be a metaphor trapped in there somewhere. It doesn't quite fit, but we'll add this: Sevenberry, you sure do suck.
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