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There Goes the Neighborhood: Burg's 'Next Level' is Here

It's so hard to know where to start with the just-published teaser website for 125 North 10th (aka 55 Berry's Friend), because rarely has so little said oh so much. Should one zero in on the roof? The fugly beige building itself? The nonsensical sales pitch that proclaims it "Williamsburg's 1st community of its kind?" Or how about the tagline that it's "artistry in living?" (Might we suggest the Condoburg art outside go in the halls?)

Actually, the marketing pitch and amenities are an obligatory Tour de Billyburg condo checklist: Cabanas? Check. "Local art throughout the common areas?" Check. Courtyard with sculpture? Check. Wellness floor? Check. Children's rec room on an industrial wasteland of a block that no one should be raising kids on? Check. Green-certified stuff? Check. Manhattan boutique hotel-looking lobby? Check.

If there's consolation to be found in all this it's that the building is only ugly whereas the original rendering from Scarano Architects was downright scary. The curse of 55 Berry? Oh, it's alive and well.

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