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BREAKING: Two Trees Renting Unsold Livingston Units

In August, the Walentas' Two Trees Management sent an email out to the 110 Livingston waiting list saying that some buyers in the hot-shit Downtown Brooklyn building had backed out of their contracts, and the units were returning to the market at slight discounts. Word got out, and Two Trees then claimed it was all a marketing ploy, and the building would be sold-out in no time. Oh really? A Curbed source has passed along word that Two Trees is now looking to rent six unsold units, which include three 1BR apartments ($2,900-$3,200/month), two 2BRs ($4,300-$4,850/month) and a 3BR for $6,000. Is there any shame in simply trying to occupy a handful of remaining units with renters? When there's this much hubris involved, yes.

1 Bedrooms 16I- $2,900/month

Beautiful eastern exposure with enormous, 9’ tall windows, 10 ft ceilings

17J- $3,100/month

Water views of New York Harbor, Lower Manhattan

9Q- $3,200/month

Large Layout with great southern exposure, 9’ tall windows, 10 ft ceilings

2 Bedrooms

17L- $4,850

The Largest Terrace in Brooklyn! Over 1,100 square ft. Beautiful harbor views with all-day light. Huge windows make this home feel like it’s floating in the sky! Feel free to take pictures.

15B- $4,300

Great Water views, South Western Exposure

3 Bedrooms

5G- $6,000/month

Beautiful North/East exposure, corner home with excellent light and high ceilings.

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110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201