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Park Slope Coop Limps Into 20th Century

The Park Slope Food Coop, the member-staffed grocery store where the selection of cheap organic goods is trumped only by the arcane rules and maddening check-out procedures?is undergoing a revolution. The looming Whole Foods and member defections have forced the stubborn lefties to adapt: The store is now accepting debit cards. The Brooklyn Paper has the hilarious report, which highlights week-one technical glitches ("some bank ATM cards, like Washington Mutual, just aren’t being accepted") and other perplexing Coop topics. For example, on the matter of why the Coop still does not take credit cards: "Co-op members were on record as saying they did not want to encourage people to accumulate credit card debt." Okay! Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn is soliciting feedback from Coop members on the change, and so far the commentary is stinging. Just look at this comment: "I agree that the coop is a miracle." Well, it's definitely a Godsend for slow Friday news days.
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