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Does Going to Greenpoint Make Bloomberg a Hipster?

So, the Mayor went to Greenpoint last night to hang with the locals. We don't know if it was his inner hipster coming out, but he talked about the G Train and parks and zoning, some of which have hipster angles. Brooklyn 11211 reports that there's progress on a rezoning that could make it harder to build new Finger Buildings. The Department of Buildings dealt with some construction safety issues and people in the crowd hissed when architect Robert Scarano was mentioned. Also, the city is spending $100 million to buy land around the Bushwick Inlet for a planned park. And Hipster Mike said he would make some calls to see if somebody can make the G Train less crappy. We've got to say, though, they've got to work on the backdrop if the Mayor really wants to hang.
· Town Hall [Brooklyn 11211]