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Bowery Finally Catches On to All Those Big Buildings

When a note trickles into the inbox titled "SAVE THE BOWERY," it has our undivided attention. Next Thursday, a handful of local block associations and tenants groups are holding a "Bowery Zoning Forum," and here is their plight:

The historic, low-rise character of the Bowery is rapidly being destroyed due to inadequate zoning protection. Low-rise buildings are being torn down and replaced by high-rise dormitories, boutique hotels and luxury buildings, which are out-of-scale with the rest of the community. Join us to save the Bowery from 9th Street to Canal Street through contextual rezoning and landmarking. We must organize as a community to prevent the destruction of historic buildings and the displacement of our neighbors.

Our question: what's left to save? The once-gritty Bowery has already been replaced by the Bowery Hotel, the New Museum, the Avalon buildings and numerous pencil-thin high-rise condos. Clearly there's no point in landmarking something like 315 Bowery when there's no CBGB. So, is this all a case of too little, too late?
· Save the Bowery: Zoning Forum [HDC Newsstand]