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Ask Curbed: Are Bachelors in the 'Burbs Hopeless?

Most people leave the city for Westchester to take advantage of the large houses and better schools, but what happens when you want to score some tail and you're stuck in the suburbs? Friends, the best Ask Curbed of all time:

I could use your help in getting some unfettered advice from your readers. While married, I bought a house in one of the charming towns of Westchester (at the market top of course). Belatedly realizing my mistake (the marriage), I have been trying to sell the house to move back to NYC. Unable to find a buyer in this market, I am wondering what single life will be like stuck in Family-Ville. How willing are you to ‘come back to my place’, even if it’s a 30 minute ride on metro north (or car service)?While there must be a competent singles scene in all of the charming towns of Westchester, apparently there's no Marquee or Nikki Beach. Who will step up to the plate and give our lovelorn suburbanite a dose of cityfolk honesty? The comments await.
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