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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Sell Him Your House, He's the Pianoman

1) Eventually, Billy Joel will own the Hamptons. All of it. His latest purchase: The 1.2-acre oceanfront property right next to the Sagaponack home be bought from Roy Scheider last spring. This one cost him about $13 million, and he'll most likely tear down the cottage on the property to build something, like a music studio or his own personal drunk tank. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter; photo via The Real Estalker]

2) Almighty girl-power magazine founder Jane Pratt may be ditching NYC for the West Coast, as indicated by her selling off her 32 Downing Street townhouse for "well over her $3.65 million asking price." She bought the four-floor home for $2 million six years ago. [Mediabistro]

3) Brangelina have been shacking up in the Ansonia apartment that Angelina Jolie has owned since '97, so obviously it's time for something more lavish. They were spotted perusing a 4BR unit in the south tower of the Time Warner Center, listed at over $18 million. But don't they need, like, 75 bedrooms? [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]