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It Happened One Weekend: Hipsters in Staten Island, Dormandie Dad, More

1) Hipsters in Staten Island. HIPSTERS in Staten Island. HIPSTERS IN STATEN ISLAND! ['Bohemia by the Bay'/The City]

2) A man who moved into Normandie Court (aka Dormandie; right) with his wife and kid reflects on what he found in the Upper East Side frat house/hellmouth: "It was a nightmare come true: Dormandie Court lived." [New York Observed/Jason Starr]

3) A wildly entertaining story about the rich folk who pump millions in renovation costs into the multi-million dollar homes they just bought: "These newly wealthy are crowding into the market not just to buy the city’s most expensive homes, but to hire its most coveted decorators, surround themselves with dozens of remodeling specialists, and ultimately invite friends and colleagues to see their urban palaces." ['$6 Million for the Co-op, Then Start to Renovate'/Christine Haughney]

4) In case you weren't aware, the Earth's rotation causes our hemisphere to be plunged into darkness for a portion of each day. This has a way of affecting certain neighborhoods, which may seem like awesome places to live in daylight, but not so much when the sun's not shining. This story is basically just an escuse to run this amazing quote from some douche who lives in the FiDi: "The amount of girls and quality of girls is better outside of the financial district.” ['Day and Night'/Teri Karush Rogers]

5) Acting couple Brian Cox and Nicole Ansari search for a three-bedroom furnished rental for under $10,000/month while they're in town to star in Tom Stoppard's new Broadway play. She's in charge, and she found the UES way too depressing, so they've settled in a West Village house for a pricier-than-expected $12k/month. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]