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The Royalton's Royal Lobby Makeover Revealed

Above, a vista that should resonate with anyone who's ever used The Royalton on West 44th as a welcome oasis for after-work drinks. If the space looks a little different, though, there's a good reason for that. Interior design firm Roman and Williams have crafted an impressive update on Ian Schrager's classic 1988 lobby and restaurant design. Also in the mix: Lever House (et al) restaurateur John McDonald, who has reformulated the restaurant 44 into the far sassier Brasserie Forty-Four. (Eater has the full reveal on the latter, but for now it's breakfast and snacks, with dinner to follow on October 23.) But as to our initial point, the news is this: alcohol's available in the lobby as we type these very works. Hey, it's almost 5pm; what are you waiting for?

Notably, a fireplace now divides the lower level of the lobby into separate seating areas, each of which is fully accessible for cocktails. And there's a new front bar area, as well, which is also fully revealed on Eater.

Should you be looking to linger for longer, per NewYorkology, a room at The Royalton will set you back a minimum of $459 this evening. Do enjoy.
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