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Cool Encampment Pics Recall Roosevelt Island Happy Days

[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger Photography]

The Encampment on Roosevelt Island may have been a crazy public art project, but it was a good kind of crazy. During its three-day run at the creepy tip of the island, it produced excellent photos of both the 100 tents, the remains of the abandoned smallpox hospital at the southern tip of the island and various Manhattan and Long Island City backdrops. The installation, put together by artist Thom Sokoloski, focused on the island's days as a lunatic asylum, prison, ward for abandoned babies and other happy uses that have nothing to do with today's condos and apartments.

[Photo courtesy of loveitmadly/Curbed flickr pool]

[Photo courtesy of MD76/flickr]

[Photo courtesy of sametomorrow/flickr]

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