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On the Racked: StubHub Does Times Square, Tiffany Takes FiDi, Soho Sbux Tagged, Mo' Banks on the Bowery

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

[Photo via Bob Egan/The Spacefinder]

1) Times Square: Buyers of scalped tickets rejoice. Scalping heavyweight StubHub (sports, concerts, etc.) is opening a store at 40th and Broadway on Friday. They're very close to the TKTS spot. StubHub's first NYC store was in the Bronx.

2) FiDi: Racked calls the opening tomorrow of the new Tiffany on Wall Street "the biggest fête for a new store this month." It's "located inside a Beaux Arts-style luxury-rental building, boasts 35-foot ceilings" and "a 75-foot, floating lighting sculpture made of mesh and crystal" among other things.

3) Soho: It looks like the new Starbucks at West Broadway and Houston has gotten some extra decorative touches in the form of some tags over the weekend. Otherwise, the frap and macchiato lines "should be forming soon."

4) East Village: Speaking of Soho, the once-gritty Bowery is getting a Chase branch to go with its hotel, luxe boutiques, Whole Foods, etc. The branch is between First and Second Streets. Uplifting, no?