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Destructoporn: 66 Watts Street is History

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The 1830's row houses on Watts Street in Hudson Square are caught between the shadows of Poon and the uncertainty of 100 Varick. The only solution, of course, is complete and total annihilation. Still, at least we could some cool peeks during the process. A tipster snaps some pics and writes:

Original siding from the 1830's at 66 Watts St. was visible on Halloween for the first time in many years. The building, westernmost of a row of Federal townhouses, will be gone by the end of the week. 56 Watts at the other end of the row was demolished almost three years ago to make way for Peter Poon's ugliest building ever, but what's going up on this end is still unknown. Maybe nothing for now. Developer Charlie Fridman had a variance to put apartments at 100 Varick before he added the neighboring properties on Broome and Watts. Now he covets the rest of the row on Watts, but hasn't been able to make a deal.Got it? Good. There's one more picture to shed some tears over.

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100 Varick Street

100 Varick Street, New York , Ny