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LES Pathmark Site: $250 Million, 50+ Stories of Fun

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The rumor, it appears, is at least somewhat true. Racked ran a tip from someone who claimed the Pathmark on Cherry Street, near the East River in the Lower East Side/Two Bridges realm, is for sale, and the land had already been snatched up by Donald Trump. Then this Downtown Express story turned up that contained whispers of a new skyscraper going up in the Pathmark's place. Well, good things come to those who Google, because a tipster found a Developer Resource Group PDF sales brochure for the Pathmark site just by searching for the address. No Trump connection to speak of?yet?but holy shit. Prepare to be absolutely amazed.

The site is for sale for $250 million. Amazingly, not only will the Pathmark store stay in its place (perhaps following a temporary closure during construction?), but any developer who buys the land must build a 7,000-square-foot extention to the Pathmark for a new pharmacy. Excluding the one-story Pathmark building, there's about 924,000 square feet of buildable area remaining. With inclusionary housing bonuses, the total grows to 1.1 million square feet.

That's a crapload of space, so the seller has prepared two proposals for prospective buyers to show off what can be done. The first is twin 50+ story towers on top of the current Pathmark parking lot with a private entrance at Cherry and Pike Slip (pictured at top). The second is a 55+ story tower, also on the parking lot with an entrance at Cherry and Pike (above). We're getting a little dizzy just thinking about all this, so here's some more graphics from the brochure, and after that, well just let you download the damn thing yourself!

· 227 Cherry Street [Developer Resource Group; warning: PDF]
· LES Pathmark To Be Replaced By Skyscraper [Racked]

250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002