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On the Waterfront: City Starting to Feel Maritime Vibe?

After a long controversy during which the city was accused of trying to strangle the city's maritime industry by planning to shut and redevelop the Red Hook port, among other things, it may have developed a newfound affection for ports and things. Today's Sun reports the city's Economic Development Corporation is going to release a study calling for more support for the local maritime support industry and "a significant expansion of ship repair facilities along the waterfronts." This is in addition to port expansions in Sunset Park and Staten Island, a bit of support for a tunnel to take freight by rail between Brooklyn and New Jersey and a rethinking of the Red Hook port redevelopment plan. In other news, the former Graving Dock in Red Hook, which working waterfront advocates had fought to save for, well, ship repair, is looking really good in its new role as Ikea's parking lot.
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