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Shigeru Ban Planning Metal Shutter Sequel

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Let's slip into the second-person for a moment: You're a starchitect. You've recently unveiled your first foray into Manhattan, on a block filled with other starchitects. Your creation has just hit the market. Do you pause to reflect on your achievement? Hell to the no! You plan Phase 2 of your Big Apple takeover, and that's exactly what Shigeru Ban is doing. He tells the Post:

"If I had to choose between doing something on the Upper East Side or in Chelsea, I'd choose Chelsea because of the interesting context," says Ban, who admits to having another project in the works in New York but is reticent to reveal its whereabouts. We can assume it's not on the Upper East Side.So what's shakin' with Shigeru? A firm yet gentle pat on the back to anyone who can give up the goods. Hit us on the tip, and your secret identity will remain safe.
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