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Shvo Picking Up Beaver's Sloppy Seconds?

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In summing up our big, sexy W Hotel & Residences reveal, we wrote that the building "almost makes the heyday of William Beaver look like the Disney Channel." Little did we know how close these two Financial District buildings really are. The Sun files a report on the coming Shvo-led sales effort for the W condos (less than one week to go!), and in addition to the sultry sales center shot at right, this also caught our eye:

In preparation, a real estate marketing guru, Michael Shvo, is unrolling a plan to lure potential buyers. Starting Monday, he has hired 10 fashion models to distribute postcards on Wall Street, and he will wrap six coffee carts with advertisements announcing the development.Models, eh? Kinda reminds us of this. Yessiree (and this is better if you sing it in melody), it's beginning to look a lot like Beaver. And we all know how that turned out.
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