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'Brooklyn 2012' As Told by Sir Ian McKellen

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Brooklyn has called in Sir Ian McKellen to sell the vision of the New Look downtown in 2012. Sir Ian narrates a four-minute animated video that shows 56 completed planned projects. The video--which is the work of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and has something to please and/or tick off just about everyone--starts with a rendering from above of the $4 billion Atlantic Yards project in Prospect Heights, continues past BAM and its Cultural District and shows all the new towers that will be on Flatbush Avenue before zeroing in on downtown. The vid covers territory that could include $9.5 billion in projects, 14,300 new residential units, 1,800 hotel units and 3.2 million square feet of office space. So, click here to listen to Sir Ian describe Flatbush Avenue as "a beautiful tree lined boulevard" and talk about how "visitors will cross the Manhattan Bridge to explore an exciting world of new restaurants, hotels and cultural venues" and how "artists and residents will live in new buildings" on Schermerhorn Street. Sir Ian did the McKellen did the voice-over while starring in a production of Shakespeare's "King Lear" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. We're not sure Sir Ian's voice will quell opposition to particular projects, but they sure sound nice for a moment or two.
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