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CurbedWire: The Number Two Problem in Carroll Gardens, Zoning and the F-Word

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CARROLL GARDENS?All this time, we thought the Mad Crapper of Boerum Hill was bad. Perhaps, but at least the Mad Crapper was doing it outdoors. This person is clearly doing it indoors, per the photo sent along by a reader who noted that it came his way because "my friend sent me this a little while back (taken at his apartment in Carroll Gardens)." In the recycling box in the hallway? [CurbedWire Inbox]

EVERYWHERE?Readers might recall the tormented way in which the Mayor sought to avoid saying the f-word at his press conference in Coney Island last week, explaining we've moved beyond that sort of thing as our culture has evolved. Well, the New York City zoning code apparently hasn't. A reader with an eye toward every line of the statute sent the image here. He writes, "Did you know that in the NYC Zoning Resolution under the Zoning 'Use Descriptions,' there is actually a 'Use Group 15 - Freak Show'? I think the possibilities are endless. How about an open competition to find out which building would comply with the 'Freak Show' MOST? I propose Schnabel's building to start." Palazzo Chupi as an example of Use Group 15? Say it ain't so. [CurbedWire Inbox]