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Thickening Pathmark Plot Thickens Once Again!

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When last we left the hot topic of the potential sale and redevelopment of the LES Pathmark on Cherry Street, you were telling us that you prefer the Flask, and the sale was either shelved or moving ahead. Today, a perplexing press release from the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council (what, you didn't know there was a Two Bridges Neighborhood Council?) hit the inbox, and it informs us that last week our favorite new civic organization met with the Pathmark land owner and lessor to discuss how A & P's upcoming acquisition of Pathmark (which is news to us) will affect the sale/non-sale. Except, they never really tell us how it will affect anything. But here's some fun facts:

• Pathmark has a lease on the property which expires in 42 years;
• Pathmark, since the expiration of the Urban Renewal Plan last year, no longer has an obligation to use the site as a supermarket.

• According to Pathmark officials, Two Bridges understands that the current Cherry Street Pathmark, in place since 1983, is a viable location for the company.Well OK then! The council is trying to get A & P to guarantee that a supermarket will remain on the site, but so far the supermarket folks have refused to meet with them. Hey, if we were about to bank $250 million, we'd be sending their calls right to voicemail, too.
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