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Poll: Williamsburg Name Game Letting Us Down

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Wait a minute. Warehouse 11? Seriously? That's how we're selling luxury condos (complete with yoga gardens and 24-hour concierges) in Williamsburg nowadays? By calling them warehouses and just slapping the street number on them? And while we're on the topic, what's up with Williamsburg/Greenpoint real estate as a whole lately? The place is supposed to be brimming with creativity, yet it seems like every developer has completely given up when it comes to branding. Take a look at some other recent gems:

1) Maze Condominiums: We get it, it's ugly and confusing. Is that really something to celebrate?
2) Luminous: Um, hello, it's blacker than the soul of whoever decides to park the recommended Lexus in it!
3) NorthpoinT Towers: "How do we make it stand out," says Guy in Suit. "I don't know, capitalize some extra letters. That's what the kids are doing nowadays, right?" says Other Guy in Suit. They high-five.
4) Loftology: College major or condo building?

To put it frankly, these are all terrible names. But in an ocean of piss-poor effort, which Williamsburg/Greenpoint development name truly is the worst?