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Fake Dorm Denied in Bid to Give Up its Fakeness

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The battle over the multi-story addition to the Circle in the Square Theater at 159 Bleecker Street has been continuously raging since the summer of 2004, despite the actual completed construction of that addition. The building was allowed to grow to eight stories on a low-rise block because the developer was going to use some of the space as dormitories for the Dalton School way up on the Upper East Side, even though the fact that Dalton doesn't board any students never really came into question (oops!). The Department of Buildings has already demanded that the building's balconies be cut down, and now the Times' Josh Barbanel reports that developer Emmut Properties has filed an application to convert the "dormitory space" to conventional apartments. The DoB, undoubtedly pissed about being so easily hoodwinked, has so far denied the application. So, uh, now what?
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