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Most Important Building in the History of Chelsea Gets Glass, Goes on Sale, Encourages Public Nudity

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The YVES (YVES!) news keeps coming fast and furious. We got the renderings, we got the floorplans, and now suddenly, we've got the glass. Are the windows "green," like BlogChelsea suggests? Like cold, hard, mother-loving cash! Or not, it's a little hard to tell. Meanwhile, we just received a press release announcing that the 14-story YVES?brought to you by door-kicking developer Benjamin Shaoul and architect Ismael Leyva?is now for sale through Cantor Pecorella at prices starting at $950,000. The 41 apartments range in size from 701-3,500 square feet, and occupancy is expected in the spring. YVES overdrive! Still need convincing? How 'bout this little detail: "The building’s 1,000-square-foot landscaped roof deck will be outfitted with lounge chairs and an outdoor shower." And this, friends, is why YVES is the most important building in the history of Chelsea.
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