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Roebling Oil Building's Big Day: It's Warehouse 11!

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We have been waiting for the Roebling Oil Building on the site of the former Roebling Oil Field to come to market. Today, the long wait is over. We came across a very familiar structure in a New York Magazine story about who is going to buy high-end condos. Although the address is incorrectly listed as 234 N. 11 Street rather than 204 N. 11, it is undoubtedly the Karl Fischer building that has been rising on the former Roebling Oil Field. The completion date for the Roebling Oil Building Warehouse 11 is given as Spring '08 and amenities include: 24-hour concierge, yoga garden, gallery lounge, playroom, parking, basketball court. It's priced to move, from $399,000 for a studio to $715,000 for a duplex penthouse. (And it looks like the greens and blues the building has been showing of late are part of the final color scheme.) David Maundrell of is quotes as saying of the building they'll be selling: "I’m not concerned with the bonuses. We may see less financial types, but they’re not the focus of the Williamsburg market, anyway." Well, at least, it doesn't look like this or this or this anymore down there. No word on how the test wells they're still drilling to find the source of the oil near Warehouse 11 are going.

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[Rendering courtesy of via NYMag]