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Attention Upper West Siders: Your Open House Was Robbed

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True Gotham broker-blogger Douglas Heddings held quite the open house yesterday on the Upper West Side! In a caper that's somewhere between brilliant and boneheaded, two women robbed the apartment, then got caught and started shedding items picked up from other open houses. Heddings writes:

My agent caught one of the 2 women in the act and when confronted the 2 women panicked, dropped most but not all of what they had stolen and dashed out of the building. One of the women ran into the bathroom when caught, relieved herself, cleaned herself with a bath towel, threw it in the bath tub and ran out of the apartment pushing past my agent and suggesting she would sue him if he touched her. Upon inspection of the apartment by both the police and the sellers, merchandise (jewelry, etc) and prescription narcotics (with other people’s names) from other Upper West Side robberies was found stashed around the apartment. It appears that when they were caught, they panicked and began leaving this merchandise so that it wouldn’t be discovered on them should the police catch them. So it is likely that someone else was victimized yesterday and may not even know it yet.

Unfortunately they managed to get away with some of the sellers' jewelry, but fret not, UWS residents and brokers: True Gotham will be posting images of the suspects later today. An artist's rendering appears at right.
· Open House Robberies [True Gotham]